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Known as western Saudi Arabia’s main urban center, Jeddah attracts countless travelers each year, most of whom are Muslims, because it remains to be the main entry point to the holiest city in the Islam religion, Mecca.

Furthermore, this huge Makkah city is also the entry to the religion’s second holiest place, Medina. Aside from these though, get a good look at what more this huge metro could offer in this Jeddah travel guide video uploaded by Mynetbizz Travel.

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Located in the northeastern part of Oregon, Wallowa Mountains is one of the best places to perform backcountry skiing during winter.

 Also named as the Alps of Oregon, this range could be also toured via a full or half-day guided hike and tour of the Zumwalt Prairie, Hells Canyon and the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Aside from this though, winter season also openly welcomes backcountry skiing activities. Get a good look at this clip shared by Travel Oregon to learn more about this adrenaline-filled snow activity.

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A Typical Scented Candle


If you don’t mind spending approximately fifty bucks for a souvenir, then you may want to consider purchasing a branded scented candle. Originating in Paris, Diptyque sells a good variety of lovely and fragrant candles, and many of its buyers used to drop by its flagship property in the French capital just to buy these souvenirs.

Learn more about Diptyque, most of its candles burning up to 50 hours, in this review written on travel-focused website, called Fodor’s:


The original Diptyque boutique in Paris has long attracted a following of celebrities. You can find the full line of scented candles and fragrances in this chic shop that would be at home on the boulevard St-Germain. Trademark black-and-white labels adorn the popular L'eau toilet water, scented with geranium and sandalwood. Candles come in both traditional and esoteric scents, including lavender, basil, leather, and fig tree. Also available is a collection of French Mariage Frères teas.

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Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra: Summer Regulars at The Hollywood Bowl


It’s not only the sophisticated setting that makes The Bowl a consistent crowd magnet in Hollywood as its main highlight is the diverse features of soloists, conductors, pops concerts and jazz series every now and then. Don’t leave California without catching the Hollywood Bowl orchestras or the Los Angeles Philharmonic perform while you dine and wine under the stars.

Get more information on The Bowl in a quick overview below:

The Bowl is a friendly sociable place where Southern Californians gather to picnic and enjoy outstanding music under the stars. Throughout the summer the LA Phil presents the best in jazz, classical, Broadway, and world music, featuring artists that range from Sarah Chang to Diana Krall, John Williams to Pet Shop Boys, and Nancy Wilson to Arcade Fire… The Bowl is the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the home of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

Start your next trip to Hollywood as early as now!

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Typical Festival Wristband


With millions of travelers making the most of what’s left with the summer vacation, it is highly likely that they get too much sun exposure in the process. However, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) can now be prevented with the invention of a monitoring wristband.

This initially yellow paper wristband lets the wearer know that he’s absorbing UV rays in large amounts by changing its color to pink. The Daily Mail UK’s  TravelMail Reporter shares that such simple accessory is similar to what many festival attendees wear only that it’s customized to alerting the sunbather that he should already get in a decent shade away from the sun (“Wristband Warns Sunbathers When They’ve Had Enough Rays”).

Here’s an excerpt from this travel news:

Most skin cancers are caused by too much UV radiation… According to Cancer Research UK, malignant melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer with 11,767 cases diagnosed in 2008, with the disease increasing in incidence by more than four times since the 1970s… Professor Andrew Mills, one of the scientists who came up with the original invention, said the bands would be disposable and 'have to cost less than 10p each' as a result.

Read the rest of his article herehttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2186534/Wristband-warns-sunbathers-theyve-sun.html#ixzz23FhePzse, and get more information on this sunbather wristband.

So start planning a safe trip as soon as possible!

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Geunjeongmun, North Korea


What are the sites you need to visit once you arrive in North Korea?  

We give you the five travel destinations for you to make the most out of your North Korea trip.

1. Pyongyang Area  
Pyongyang City is North Korea’s major destination.  The most important historical site to visit is Daedongmun, the east gate of Goguryeo Pyongyang Fortress’ inner complex.  Also visit the Dongmyeongwanggreung Grave, known for the murals of lotus blooms, the Danggunneung Pyramid Grave made of granite, Mr. Moranbong and the Eulmildae Castle.

2. Gaeseong District  
Gaeseong is full of history. The most visited historical sites in this side of North Korea include the Seonjukgyo (stone) Bridge with calligraphy, the Namdaemun Gate which is the south gate of the Naeseong Fortress and the Gaeseong History Museum.  Nature visits will take you to Parkyeon Falls, which has two small ponds.  
3. Mt. Baekdusan
Mt. Baekdusan, an inactive volcano, is the highest mountain on the Korean peninsula.  Cheonji Lake, also known as the Heaven Lake, lies within a caldera atop the volcanic Baekdu Mountain. It is called home of a good variety of marine life. In addition, take time to see Mt. Baekdusan Jeonggyebi Memorial to see cultural artefacts.     

4. Mt. Myohyangsan
Mt. Myohyangsan is the home of the Buddhist religion.  The strong Buddhist influence is best manifested in Bohyunsa temple, which holds many other historical remains from the Koyro dynasty. Myohyangsan means unique fragrance because of the many fragrant trees found in the forest surrounding the mountain.  The magnificence of the peaks makes Mt. Myohyangsan one of the most famous attractions in Korea.
5. Mt. Guweolsan and Gwail District
Mountain Guweolsan has the popular Yongyeon Falls and Guweolsansanseong Fortress site. Yongyeon Falls is a beautiful nature site, where all the rivers of the mountain converge. The Guweolsansanseong Fortress, on the other hand, is symbolic of the Korean People’s Amy fought against the US imperialist and its puppet army during the 6-25 War.

Now you know where to go, so don’t forget to incorporate these five travel attractions when visiting North Korea!

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Head to the Philippine community of Anilao, and see the main reason why it has become famous with snorkelers and divers. In here, you’ll see how an abundance of corals and countless varieties of marine life teem its underwater world.

Rent a boat for an island hopping tour, and drop by the Maricaban and Sombrero Islands, coves and popular diving spots in this part of the country.

Take a peek into an HD vid of scuba diving in Anilao, Philippines in Electric Blue Media’s cool clip, in which the user shares,

Although I find wild macro subjects at every Philippines dive destination I travel to, Anilao certainly lived up to its reputation amongst local photographers as the Philippines version of the Lembeh Straits, as this entire 20 minute HD video was shot over the course of just 1 week, not cherry-picked footage shot over months or years… There are some studies that show that cuttlefish instantly recognize prey to be eaten upon birth. When you see the footage of cuttlefish eggs in this series, you will know why they are already conditioned.

So get started with your next scuba diving adventure now!


If you’ve already tasted a $100-multicourse meal in a luxury restaurant or if you couldn’t exactly afford one, then the next step to experiencing a truly unique Thai meal is heading to the nearest market and gobble on stir fries, curries or simply a 25-baht worth of Thai fried noodles or pad Thai.

Don’t worry though, Thai street foods are largely safe, and you can always assess their preparation as they’re cooked right on the spot. Have a look at some of the Thai food sold in a local market in Cole Graham’s clip.

So start planning your next food trip today!

Have you always adored camping and have almost always brought a sleeping bag or tent with you? Perhaps it is about time to try a mosquito-proof hammock in your next camping trip! read more

Cambodian Royal Ballet


When traveling to conservative and religious parts of the globe, you shouldn’t be surprised at all to come across rules that command the following of dress codes, and being a visitor in Cambodia doesn’t exempt your from such policies.

So read on to learn more about the appropriate clothes to wear in Cambodia.

1. A Pair of Shorts

Nowadays wearing a pair of shorts in specific Cambodian cities, such as Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, has become tolerable; though wearing them in the more remote areas and other cities in the country is not acceptable at all. Also, shirts and shorts are now okay to wear in temples, such as Angkor Wat. Just remember that they associate such type of clothing to men who usually have sweaty jobs, hence you’ll find a class element being connected to this.

However, a pair of shorts is not accepted at all in the Silver Pagoda of the Royal Palace. Hence, visitors should wear a pair of pants, while girls should don long skirts and cover their shoulders as much as possible.

2. Hats and Shoes

Trainer shoes are recommended if your itinerary includes hiking or touring temples in the summer (November to April), and sandals that are not made of leather are suggested to wear during rainy season (from May to October). However, these shoes, including hats and sunglasses, should be taken off when entering pagodas.

Finally, even if the way foreign travelers dress is usually put up with in Cambodia, respect should still be instilled when visiting this Asian country.


So start planning your trip to Cambodia now; contact us, and learn more about this country!

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