Leisure Travel

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who understands travel more than a UNIGLOBE Donaldson Travel professional. That's because we're travellers first and foremost. We work, live, think, breathe and sleep travel and that's the way it's been since 1973. Therefore we understand travel from a traveller's perspective but perhaps more importantly, we understand people. When you come to us with your travel ideas we take the time to ensure that the holiday you have in mind truly matches your expectations.

All too often people make the same mistakes with travel that they do with food: they believe they can fit more in than they actually can; or they make choices that really don't suit their style or personality. Let's face it, travel is not cheap and you've really only got one shot at getting it right.

Our agents take delight in using their extensive travel knowledge to ensure that you avoid the common pitfalls of travel and get the most out of your holiday.