St. Petersburg may be believed as the most westernized metro in Russia, yet it’s still possible to enjoy a nice vacation here even when you’re on a shoestring budget.

Board a Train to St. Petersburg, and Enjoy a Nice Vacation on a Budget

Whether you wish to tour one of the world’s biggest art museums in the place of The Hermitage or wish to take your picture in front of one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed Historic Centre of St. Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments, it is possible to do so even on a really tight budget.

NY Times Travel blogger, Seth Kugel, proves to you that this is possible by sharing a few tips on accommodation and food during his recent vacation in St. Petersburg ("Saving Rubles in St. Petersburg"). Here’s an excerpt from his blog post:

For $86 a day I rented a spacious, apartment through (which charges in the renter’s currency) on Vasilyevksy Island, one subway stop beyond the Neva River from the Gostiny Dvor stop, as central as you can get. Yet the island’s streets felt almost lazy, like those of a provincial capital, and were dotted with fruit and bakery stands… With breakfast and fruit available and dirt-cheap at the street stands, it was easy to eat the rest of the day for reasonable prices. The most enjoyable meal I had was at Stolovaya No. 1 Kopeika, a small chain of former Soviet-style canteens wildly popular among working-class Russians. They offer surprisingly appealing versions of what you might expect: borscht, meatballs and potato salad along with occasional nods to the former Soviet states (say Uzbek kebabs). You can stuff yourself for 200 rubles.

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