Looking for an easy way to get around Vancouver? Then check out the Canada Line from the Vancouver International Airport. The YVR Airport Station is located between the international and domestic terminals and easily gets you where you want to go in Vancouver.

Easily Travel from YVR Airport to Vancouver on the Canada Line
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rports have always been a place where stress and frustrations often kicks in due to late arrivals, late departures, or just plain tired. Thanks to YVR Airport Station in Vancouver International Airport, you can now have a stress-free and worry-free airport experience. Providing you leisure with magnificent arts, public observation area, and a food court, you can now have a relaxing and enjoyable time at the airport.

YVR Airport Station is brought to you by Canada Line, in which you can also avail of their other magnificent services in Waterfront, Vancouver City Centre, Yaletown-Roundhouse, Sea Island Centre, and many more. Besides connecting you conveniently to your departing flight, arriving friend, or simply the airport services, you’ll also get to enjoy its many commercial features like spas, bookstores, florists and restaurants. So give Canada Line’s YVR Airport Station a chance and experience the world of airport without the stress and frustrations.

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