Mt. Everest may be the highest peak in the whole world, but there certainly is a way to see it up close without necessarily putting real effort on climbing it.

Mt. Everest



Situated in the Himalayas, Mt. Everest never fails to draw in bold and experienced mountain climbers and even able mountaineers who are prepared to get the help of professional guides just so they could reach the peak of this world-renowned mountain. 
However, travelers who are not fit to climb this 29,029 ft-summit still has the chance to see it without necessarily breaking out a sweat or experiencing harmful illnesses like altitude sickness. Read on to learn the four simple steps to experience Mt. Everest without exactly climbing it.
1. Shigatse Valley
Right at the foot of Mt. Everest is Shigatse Valley, wherein a group of towns await for you. Aside from seeing the summit up close, this also gives you the opportunity to see vibrant markets, archeological ruins and natural hot springs.
2. Rongbuk Monastery
If you consider yourself physically fit, then embark on a 48-mile trek to the Rongbuk Monastery. While this may be quite far, it is absolutely less tiring than ascending the Mt. Everest. 
Hire a local guide while still in the Shigatse Valley and the measly fee that you pay won’t amount to the priceless view of the mountain that you’ll ultimately see once you get to the monastery.
3. Base Camp
Six miles from the Rongbuk Monastery, you may opt to continue hiking to the 17,000-feet base camp. You just have to know that this hike is only for people who are physically-fit and do not experience altitude sickness. 
4. Everest Experience
For a more comfortable and yet costlier look of the Mt. Everest, you could purchase an ‘Everest Experience’ plane ticket from Buddha Air, in which you’d be flown across the prominent mountain and effortlessly see its splendor.
So who says you need to completely climb Mt. Everest just to have a taste of it? Follow these four steps, and you’d encounter almost the same experience as taking the earth’s highest summit on foot.

So start planning your trip to the Mt. Everest today!

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