Summer trips don’t need to be luxurious or expensive for that matter as there are brilliant ways to enjoy an affordable vacation this season without exactly exhausting your bank account.

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Perhaps your idea of a cheap vacation entails economical road trips and staying at home during holidays, but it’s not entirely impossible to get more of what you worked hard for on a great yet inexpensive summer vacation. 
Read on learn more on how to spend less on your trip this summer season.
1. Filling up Your Car
You could definitely make the most of your gas mileage by driving on a fixed velocity, receiving gas reward points via a grocery loyalty card as well as taking advantage of cooler and denser petroleum by gassing up in the morning. 
2. Invite Friends
Moreover, you could shell out less cash if you split expenses with your friends. A boat trip, a beach house, a rented van or an entire meal will be less expensive if you could rely on others to share the trip’s expenditures with you. 
3. Prepare as Much as Possible
If you’re planning a road trip this summer, it would definitely help if you prepare as much as possible to lessen the chances of buying necessities on the road. Prepare your water, food, toiletries and the like if possible. If you’re traveling via plane, then this is otherwise not recommended as you’d absolutely spend more on checked in baggage.
4. Advance Payment
Hotels and packaged tours that are paid in advance reduce one’s need for more pocket money when the time comes for your summer vacation. If this is not possible, then saving cash every month and allotting this for your summer trip next year is a great idea.
5. Special Offers
Wait for special deals and discounts that are usually provided every now and then by many resorts, hotels and even airlines. If you’re planning on spending a summer vacation in Southeast Asia, then you should check out numerous airline websites everyday to get hold of their regular airfare promos. Most of the time, you could travel from one country to another for merely less than $50!
On the whole, with these tips, you could definitely still enjoy a summer vacation without breaking your bank.

So start planning a cheap summer escapade today!

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