Ever wanted to know what life is like in a fishing village? Then check out the Hoi An Fishing Experience in Vietnam. On this tour visitors will experience life on the Cua Dai River while local fishermen and their families discuss daily customs in this region of Vietnam.

Join a Captain Aboard an Eco-Tour Boat on a Hoi An Fishing Experience
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Take up an enjoyable Hoi An Fishing Experience on the Cua Dai River and relieve your stress with the joy of fishing and simply cruising on an eco-tour boat to a local fishing village. Join local fisherman and their families to learn about some of their cultures. You will also see spectacular sights while you enjoy fishing.

Hoi An Fishing Experience on the Cua Dai River is a half-day fishing tour in which you’ll get to learn the steps and techniques of traditional fishing. You’ll also get to paddle a Vietnamese bamboo basket boat, and take on a wonderful and exciting basket boat race. With informative, friendly and comical crew, you’ll have a most memorable time in Hoi An. Learn about the lifestyle and social customs of a friendly community, and get to admire their cultural insight being an authentic Vietnamese way of life.


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