Include Elba in your itinerary to Italy, and you won’t surely regret a thing about it!

Cavoli Beach, Elba


Experiencing an authentic Mediterranean vacation is possible when you check out Elba in Tuscany, wherein you’ll be welcomed by a prominent resort town that is mainly famous for its wine, natural attractions and of course, an unforgettable history with Napoleon.

When visiting this Italian island, you surely won’t miss Napoleon as Elba still has high regards to his banishment on the isle two centuries ago. You’ll realize that you’ll be provided with countless opportunities to get to know this historical little man as there are available tours offered in two of his residences.

Daily Mail UK Travel contributor Nigel Tisdall realized just how proud the locals are for being a part of history with Napoleon lending them a hand to boost their tourism industry that they even named a drinking fountain after him and plastered his name in a local mineral water bottle (“A Perfect Place for Exile: Escape to Elba, the Island that Only Napoleon Wanted to Leave”).

Here’s a snippet from his article:

Boney chose well. He could equally have gone to Corsica and Corfu, but picked Elba because of its climate and the 'gentle manners of the islanders'… Paths lead round the shore to secretive spots where sunbathers lie across the boulders as if there's been some almighty shipwreck… More relaxed than Capri or the Costa Smeralda, it will suit anyone who likes mountain walks, orderly beaches and exhilarating scenic drives. Every road here twists and turns like spaghetti, with plenty of viewpoints for enjoying the vistas down to a sparkling blue sea or up to Tuscan hill-top towns.

Read through the remainder of his travel article, and checked out where he stayed and what places he toured during his stay on the island of Elba.

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