Be prepared to take witness of Ancient, Gothic and Etruscan structural designs in Lucca.

See Ancient Travel Attractions in Lucca, Tuscany

If you’d like to see most of the places of interest in Lucca, then you’ll have to ensure that you enter the broad wall of the old city. After you appreciate the various beautiful architectures that dot this city, you can certainly end the day at a ring park right at the top of the defensive walls.

Even Daily Mail UK Travel correspondent Ray Connolly can’t help but be amazed by this Italian beauty during a recent trip to this party of Tuscany (“An Untrodden Take on Tuscany: Looking beyond the Italian Obvious in Lovely Lucca”).
Here’s a snippet of his recent travel article:
But those who want to get away from the mob would do well to consider the alternative of heading north-east towards the hills and the compact, walled old town of Lucca… And September or October are a perfect time to visit… Its narrow street layout, apparently scarcely changed since the Romans, is like a small maze, with all its piazzas, palazzos and many churches, including the Romanesque cathedral, Duomo di San Martino, all within just a few minutes' walk. It's that compact… Lucca was not our only destination in north Tuscany. We stayed with friends in a village house at Tereglio, which is about 20 miles north of Lucca and high in the hills. Here, the views of the beech forests are wonderful, and it took the incongruity of nine pairs of dainty knickers pegged to a dead apple tree to remind us we weren't quite alone in this unbroken green world.

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