Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? Then check out Santa Cruz Surf School in Santa Cruz, California. At the Santa Cruz Surf School surfers are taught ocean safety and surf etiquette and the main goal is have fun while learning to surf. The school offers all female classes and all male classes to promote a comfortable environment free from competition.


Have you watched people surf and feel a bit of envy in you? Well step up and take up lessons in Santa Cruz Surf School. After the school, you won’t just be watching people surf but you’ll get to surf with them and be the envy of many.

Santa Cruz Surf School doesn’t only offer their lessons to teens and adults but also kids. With fun and exhilarating lessons, you’ll get so surf your board in no time and get to experience fun riding with the waves with your surfboard.

Surfing at Santa Cruz Surf School is not an ambition but a goal. A goal achieved with a little bit of perseverance and commitment. A goal filled with fun and excitement. A goal worth every time and every penny to relieve those stress and worries. A goal you will forever cherish, appreciate and be proud of.

Contact us now and be part of the surfing community!

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