Find the most awesome plants at an English National Trust asset.

Take a Stroll and Spot Interesting Floras at Allen Banks & Staward Gorbe

One particular place that you should check out in Northumberland County is Allen Banks & Staward Gorge, where you’ll find the River Allen gorge as well as a pretty Victorian garden.

Aside from the ruins of the medieval Pele tower Staward Peel, nature lovers will surely love taking a leisurely walk here as this also promotes a wealth of flora and fauna as a particular point of interest.

Even Daily Mail UK Travel writer Jo Tweedy can’t resist to take a stroll to spot interesting floras at Allen Banks, which is known to be of the county’ biggest regions of old woodland (“Wonderful Walks for Autumn: The Fabulous Fungi of Allen Banks, Northumberland”).

Here’s a quick snippet of her recent interview with National Trust’s Wildlife and Countryside Advisor, Joanne Hodgkins, as she talks about the various mushrooms that could be spotted at Allen Banks:

Look out for brightly colored wax caps, such as the pink ballerina, or the typical fairy toadstool – the fly agaric – with it red top and white spots… There are earthstars that explode when droplets of water hit them, and giant puffballs which look like white footballs forgotten in the fields; stinkhorns which entice flies with the odor of rotten meat and whose scientific name phallus impudicus suggests what it looks like too!  There are evocative names like the elf cups, dryad’s saddle and the bird’s-nest fungi, which really do look like tiny nests full of neat eggs.

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