All bags will soon be packed and you are headed to North Korea. But where do you start?

Geunjeongmun, North Korea


What are the sites you need to visit once you arrive in North Korea?  

We give you the five travel destinations for you to make the most out of your North Korea trip.

1. Pyongyang Area  
Pyongyang City is North Korea’s major destination.  The most important historical site to visit is Daedongmun, the east gate of Goguryeo Pyongyang Fortress’ inner complex.  Also visit the Dongmyeongwanggreung Grave, known for the murals of lotus blooms, the Danggunneung Pyramid Grave made of granite, Mr. Moranbong and the Eulmildae Castle.

2. Gaeseong District  
Gaeseong is full of history. The most visited historical sites in this side of North Korea include the Seonjukgyo (stone) Bridge with calligraphy, the Namdaemun Gate which is the south gate of the Naeseong Fortress and the Gaeseong History Museum.  Nature visits will take you to Parkyeon Falls, which has two small ponds.  
3. Mt. Baekdusan
Mt. Baekdusan, an inactive volcano, is the highest mountain on the Korean peninsula.  Cheonji Lake, also known as the Heaven Lake, lies within a caldera atop the volcanic Baekdu Mountain. It is called home of a good variety of marine life. In addition, take time to see Mt. Baekdusan Jeonggyebi Memorial to see cultural artefacts.     

4. Mt. Myohyangsan
Mt. Myohyangsan is the home of the Buddhist religion.  The strong Buddhist influence is best manifested in Bohyunsa temple, which holds many other historical remains from the Koyro dynasty. Myohyangsan means unique fragrance because of the many fragrant trees found in the forest surrounding the mountain.  The magnificence of the peaks makes Mt. Myohyangsan one of the most famous attractions in Korea.
5. Mt. Guweolsan and Gwail District
Mountain Guweolsan has the popular Yongyeon Falls and Guweolsansanseong Fortress site. Yongyeon Falls is a beautiful nature site, where all the rivers of the mountain converge. The Guweolsansanseong Fortress, on the other hand, is symbolic of the Korean People’s Amy fought against the US imperialist and its puppet army during the 6-25 War.

Now you know where to go, so don’t forget to incorporate these five travel attractions when visiting North Korea!

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