As the number of workers without the need for an office rapidly increases, Tokyo and Japan at large are putting an effort into catering to them; whether they are citizens or travellers.

Tokyo Works to Improve Cafe Work Environment for Business Travellers

An ever increasing trend in the corporate world is the ability to work from anywhere on a mobile device, without need for an office. Japan has embraced this trend, and has decided to specially cater to these “nomad workers” at their hotels and cafés.

The rapidly increasing trend of workers without the need for an office, certainly means they would need other places to carry on this work if they ever do decide to leave home, much less travel. So Japan’s specially catering to this new type of worker is only natural; expected even.

Japan is the hub of technology in today’s world, and Tokyo is its centre, so it is only natural that the embrace would be felt mostly in this city. Cafés and hotels here, and all over Japan, are trying to accommodate and adjust to this market by providing top-notch facilities that are conducive to the lifestyle these workers and business persons.

One of the more popular establishments catering to these business persons and workers is Renoir coffee shop in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station. This coffee shop or “coffee office” has 20 power outlets to allow multiple users to plug in and work simultaneously, and they are continuing to install more and more power outlets in their coffee shops throughout Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa.

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo’s Minato Ward has also decided to set up a business lounge in their N Tower, with operations starting last March. Their lounge includes partitioned desks, power outlets and complimentary Wi-Fi. They sometimes offer free beverages as well.

If you travel frequently and are looking for places to work during your trip, the Dengen Café website offers a list of around 1,700 restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores and other places where you can do so, in 37 prefectures, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. These establishments will all carry free power outlets, and the list lets you know if the establishment has free Wi-Fi, as well as whether there are smoking and non-smoking sections.

If you are a worker or business person that works outside of an office, booking your trip to Japan should really feel like a breeze. You will not have to worry about finding a place to work or having connectivity.


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