While it will be more fun to spend your vacations wearing anything you want, an overseas trip to religious countries in Asia may put a restraint to such liberating actions.

Cambodian Royal Ballet


When traveling to conservative and religious parts of the globe, you shouldn’t be surprised at all to come across rules that command the following of dress codes, and being a visitor in Cambodia doesn’t exempt your from such policies.

So read on to learn more about the appropriate clothes to wear in Cambodia.

1. A Pair of Shorts

Nowadays wearing a pair of shorts in specific Cambodian cities, such as Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, has become tolerable; though wearing them in the more remote areas and other cities in the country is not acceptable at all. Also, shirts and shorts are now okay to wear in temples, such as Angkor Wat. Just remember that they associate such type of clothing to men who usually have sweaty jobs, hence you’ll find a class element being connected to this.

However, a pair of shorts is not accepted at all in the Silver Pagoda of the Royal Palace. Hence, visitors should wear a pair of pants, while girls should don long skirts and cover their shoulders as much as possible.

2. Hats and Shoes

Trainer shoes are recommended if your itinerary includes hiking or touring temples in the summer (November to April), and sandals that are not made of leather are suggested to wear during rainy season (from May to October). However, these shoes, including hats and sunglasses, should be taken off when entering pagodas.

Finally, even if the way foreign travelers dress is usually put up with in Cambodia, respect should still be instilled when visiting this Asian country.


So start planning your trip to Cambodia now; contact us, and learn more about this country!

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