Canada may have comparatively beautiful cityscapes, but it also boasts of natural sceneries on its westernmost provinces.



British Columbia is one of Canada’s many provinces, and while it also features skylines fit for a Canadian province, what truly makes it wonderful is its natural beauty.
The mountainous areas of BC generally convince outdoorsy travelers to not only settle within the confines of its cities but to further explore and enjoy an adventurous and dynamic holiday trip into the mountains. 
This was what BombFlowTV did during their four-week visit to British Columbia. They share,
Starting out near Fernie BC at the Elk River, the crew travels up to Revelstoke for some big drop huckin, then back down to the Southwest of BC for the Squamish area classics, then to the classic skookumchuck narrows for some playboating. The crew had an incredible 4 weeks, and even brushed up on their hockey skills.

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