Searching for one of the best diving experience in Southeast Asia? Then a trip to the Philippines should be taken into account!


Head to the Philippine community of Anilao, and see the main reason why it has become famous with snorkelers and divers. In here, you’ll see how an abundance of corals and countless varieties of marine life teem its underwater world.

Rent a boat for an island hopping tour, and drop by the Maricaban and Sombrero Islands, coves and popular diving spots in this part of the country.

Take a peek into an HD vid of scuba diving in Anilao, Philippines in Electric Blue Media’s cool clip, in which the user shares,

Although I find wild macro subjects at every Philippines dive destination I travel to, Anilao certainly lived up to its reputation amongst local photographers as the Philippines version of the Lembeh Straits, as this entire 20 minute HD video was shot over the course of just 1 week, not cherry-picked footage shot over months or years… There are some studies that show that cuttlefish instantly recognize prey to be eaten upon birth. When you see the footage of cuttlefish eggs in this series, you will know why they are already conditioned.

So get started with your next scuba diving adventure now!

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