Most travelers visit various places just so they could enjoy the sea, sand and sky, but the evident bulkiness and size of their kayaks usually make their travels a whole lot inconvenient.

Typical Long Boards


Inflatable boards were created to now avoid unnecessary carrying of huge and mostly heavy fiber boards.

With this type of board, easy transportation is guaranteed, and while most of you may worry about its durability, there really is no need to fret. It’s made of sturdy military-grade materials, so you're rest assured that they will last long.

Learn more about inflatable boards in this video shot by Naish International, in which the user shares,

The Airs are premium, high quality inflatable boards designed with extra thickness and width for unmatched firmness and stability. They are incredibly stable, durable and compactable for traveling paddlers riding in whitewater, rocky bottom flat water or surf conditions.

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